Anal tunnel Zh-52X black

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anal tunnel for enema, observation, gaping, piss games

The very soft material allows compression and introduces a 2 cm wider tunnel than a normal dildo. But the vagina or anal contractions are not distorted and you can enjoy a pleasant observation or a play with an enlarged cavity (enema, piss…). The penis can be inserted into XL and XXL, partly into the penis. Highly recommended. SN: Zh0052x black

size diameter of the widest degree without base x height / bore diameters, weight

M 42x95mm / 18, 28mm, 56g

L 50x108mm / 20mm, 36mm, 90g

XL 61x130mm / 25mm, 42mm, 163g

XXL 70x150mm / 29mm, 52mm, 226g

soft TPR gel, hardness 30HC (subjectively softer due to hollowness) Zh-sextoy, CE certification, A small dildo can be used as a tunnel reinforcement during installation. Wash water, soap. Water or silicone base gels (not oil).


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    TOP product
    + flexibility of use - enema, observation, urination to the anus
    + flexibility
    + price

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