Funny Steel Anal and Vaginal Shower Universal Shower Hose Attachment

Anal, vaginal shower with tap.


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Comfortable vaginal flushing or enema quick and intense.

The tap increases flexibility, comfort (feeling less mess) and safety aids.

Very high quality design, well chrome plated PVC.


dimensions: 175mm(80)x50(10-14)mm, ball mouth diameter 14mm

weight 70g

Funny Steel, Idea Leather rr. 371201145


Due to indoor use, beware of sudden changes in water temperature. Suitable for combination with a thermostatic mixer. It takes 30 seconds to unscrew the regular shower head and fit this shower head. Take care that the seal does not fall out and get lost. Close the mixer tap first, then the shower head to allow water to drain from the hose. The product does not mind the pressure, but your shower hose is usually not designed for long term water pressure such as a pipe.

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Weight 100 g

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  1. Editorial staff -

    + small size for easy insertion into the vagina and anus
    + flexibility for enema, post-toilet hygiene
    + price
    + practical tap
    + TOP product
    + quality. We have been testing with regular daily use especially for washing since June 2016 and the chrome and shower is so far without any signs of fatigue.

    - none

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