Inflatable anal tunnel DR 411e 11x4cm

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Inflatable anal tunnel for enema and other anal games.

Dimensions initial state 110x40mm (internal diameter of the hose 8mm),

Quality inflatable anal, vaginal butt plug with metal valve where, unlike plastic, there is no risk of falling. The width of 2mm rubber is more resistant to hard stool residue and keeps its shape even when inflated. Ie. it does not stretch in length like weaker inflatable plugs, but actually stretches. Hard enough for easy insertion and partially soft to relieve the pressure of such a large object. This pin is only available in a foam-free version.

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Quality tunnel/pin with enema tube, Inflatable enema plug X411E, latex, 120g, Denber Rubber, United Kingdom

Instruction: Close the valve clockwise. Introduce and pump the balloon. To drop or drain, open the valve counterclockwise. Store deflated with the valve released. Wash with water and soap. Water and silicone base gels (not oil). Vaginal use without further. The rectum should be free of hard stool remnants such as nuts. Stretch only painlessly. In particular, it applies to the immobilized person.

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    Milan -

    I confirm the description in terms of high-quality balloon closure and pin material (quite thick rubber), so when inflating holds shape and does not bulge. I was a little worried about the size, but it turned out that the 40mm in the center of the uninflated pin in the photo is not so hot: the rubber cast holds this shape, but there is air between it and the center tube. perimeter about 10cm, which corresponds to a diameter of only 32mm. At the same time, after inflating it can turn into a big enough ball, which does not only expand inside the rectum (like ordinary thin rubber products), but increases the diameter at the point of passage of the sphincter and really seals.
    Otherwise, with a condom worn, it will also serve as a short inflatable butt plug with the above-mentioned benefits (air retention and expansion throughout the volume). After I have already cracked 2 commonly sold and quite expensive inflatable butt plugs (because they inflate only where there is the least resistance, which is at the tip and then explode there), this product (together with the inflatable RR6A 180 × 40, which I also bought) a pleasant surprise.

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