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Impregnation of scrotum, lips, breast, penis with saline

Experience with impregnation of body tissues, tips, hygiene, tools

Basic tools

impregnated scrotum
impregnated scrotum

needle, syringe (ideally 50-60 ml - the largest that does not need reduction to small needles), and saline (water and 0.9% NaCl) for internal use (intravenous, infusion), ethanol (alcohol from pharmacy) for disinfection and possibly needle wound patch (not used here). Tools can be purchased at the pharmacy or at the eshop. Intravenous the solution is prescription only in some countries.

Ideally, a tube connecting the needle and syringe or infusion set - solution bag, a long tube with a cap and a cut patch to secure the cannula (needle) from falling out.

We always recommend a thin needle. If the blood donor needle has an estimated 1mm, we recommend a needle of max 0.3mm. The thin needle infusion set will infuse 100ml in about 5-7 minutes, which is a relaxed pace for penis infusion. The scrotum can handle a faster pace, but there is nowhere to rush. If you fill a part of your body really extremely, the solution will run out of the wound after a big needle for too long.

Generally about impregnation and hygiene

Impregnation of scrotum, penis, lips or breast with saline solution does not hurt even after the infusion (this does not always apply to the injection). The impregnated part of the body increases, is watery and also less heated. The touch will be cooler than usual. The recommended hygienic practice is to wash the injection site and rub with ethanol before and after the impregnation. We used a thin needle and we just washed it out before injecting. Using a thicker needle we would be stricter with disinfection and treatment. After removing even the thin cannula a few minutes from the wound, the solution escapes with drops before the wound is occluded. Impregnation is not suitable for people with reduced healing, such as diabetes, and probably also people with poor blood coagulation.

Cut off and prepare a patch to prevent the needle from falling off your body before handling other tools. The patch securing the needle does not hold much on the body, especially if you move. It takes a bit of skill so the cannula (needle) does not pierce the skin on the other side (not pull out of the body). As the scrotum or penis is filled, the injection site moves away from the cannula (secured by the patch) and the needle tends to fall out, so it is necessary to glue. Ie. at first, in a lying or sitting position without movement, completely infuse the part and then engage in other activities.

In our case, the first time failed. The tester did it himself in a kneeling position, and the needle fell off a couple of times, so he had a lot of puncture and bleeding wounds. At one point, even the impregnated solution leaked out by an earlier puncture :). For the second time, the infusion set was literally one per injection.

We do not sell tools for this technique. All things should be kept in a sterile environment before use and discarded after use. Repeated use, especially in needles, may cause infection. Other things we would probably use on our own shirt repeatedly.

Injection and pain, Be careful not to inject air into the blood vessels!

Scrotum - little pain as well as skin. Penis - skin little pain - spongy tissue is relatively close to the surface, it is relatively hard and its injuries hurt. The penis is recommended to be impregnated only under the skin, not into the spongy tissue. We also tried to prick the testis (not impregnate). With a small needle it almost does not hurt, but sensitive areas such as the testes, urethra, or mammary glands are recommended to avoid. Always make sure there is no air in the injection or tubing before injecting! Spray water so that there is no air in the tube and syringe, as you can see in the doctor films. While a little air under the skin should not matter if you inject it into blood vessels (veins or arteries). It can even make you kill!

Methods of impregnation

a) infusion set (+ needle, possibly syringe with another cannula for replenishment)

The best solution and no expensive solution is an infusion set - a long tube, which with a plastic pointed end pushes forcefully into the opening (or spongy mouth, from which it first had to break off the faucet cover) of the solution container and screw the needle (cannula) ). Allow the solution to flow into the needle to prevent air from entering. Then close the scroll wheel. Inject the tissue, secure the cannula of the patches and release the inflows in the infusion set. The infusion bag can be replenished by injecting the solution through the other mouth of the bag (with a sponge cork). Suspend the infusion bag as high as possible to create sufficient hydrostatic pressure.

The bag does not have to be a bag as you can see in the last photo on the right. The flasks with the solution on the left can be hung and injected similarly.

(b) simple injection

We do not recommend this procedure. With a simple injection, a new injection should be made each time the syringe is emptied, and the previously drawn solution should be sprayed off to prevent air from remaining in the syringe.

c) injection with connecting tube (2 more solution infusions)

The solution is normally aspirated with a syringe with a needle by opening it or injecting it through the cork cap together with another needle to supply the air behind the leaking fluid. After the syringe has been filled, remove the needle for impregnation and screw onto the syringe with the connecting tube, the other end of which is the 3rd needle for injecting into the tissue.

After that, the syringe with the tubing is free of air by spraying and inserting the needle with the connecting tubing into the tissue and securing the patch. To refill the syringe, unscrew it from the connecting tube and attach it to the syringe filling needle (leaving the needle in the tissue with the connecting tube). After drawing the solution into the syringe, always spray the syringe to prevent air from remaining.

If the needle is thin, the filling is slow and the syringe should be pulled or pulled strongly during filling and injection. push hard. But here we recommend it thin. It is milder for both wound and impregnation speed.

Scrotum filling

At 300 ml, our scrotum, which we would call average sizes, was still soft and malleable. From this we conclude that 600 ml should not be a problem for scrotum. Upon evening infusion of 300ml into the scrotum, 60-70% of the solution was absorbed by the morning of the next day, the rest by the morning of the next day.

The scrotum infestation had little sexual effect on our tester. It is rather fun and something new that one suffers once in a long time. Slightly stimulating is how the scrotum dows as a udder and encounters intimate parts of the partner during sex. More potential may be for the other person & #8211; an observer, for whom the new temporary look of a partner may be perversely interesting.

Penis impregnation

The penis with a maximum length of 19 cm fit less than 200 ml, and the skin was relatively tight (see photo). It wouldn't be much more. The penis expanded from 35mm to 50mm, after stabilizing at 45mm. Feelings are not essential. During sex, skin folds form on the penis. It is interesting that they stretch through the mouth of the vagina (the narrowest point), as if they are spilling into and out of the vagina.

Impregnate the penis only under the skin, not into the tissue and not from the bottom, so that you do not hit the urethra. Ideally from the top in the middle. Initially, lumps and irregularities may form, but later the fluid itself spills itself regularly under the skin (see photos chronologically after a few minutes). After removing the cannula, this can be aided by a gentle massage. The first pictures: irregular shape, symmetrical filling after gentle massage (Figure 5), and finally a fald shape of the penis after intercourse, when the vagina pushes the solution into the lower abdomen and testes and creates faldy on the penis. The movement of the solution from the penis to the body can be limited by the cock ring.

reader's question: Is it harmless to health?

There are certainly hygienic risks (infections). Open tissue after injection may then be more susceptible to sexually transmitted transmission during intercourse. Risk of swapping the solution with another substance or in the wrong concentration. Risks for people with worse healing. And probably a lot of other risks that only a doctor would describe. But if you do everything properly and without pain, it does not bother the body once in a while.

"Operating room"

see the last picture 🙂 it can be anywhere, where you have a little rest, children do not pull your tubing, your wife does not blame you, what a freak, when you want to try it once :).

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  1. So now I want to know. Anyway, it would be interesting to report from the impregnation of a partner (lip, etc.)

  2. Can distilled water (for injections) sold in pharmacies be used instead of saline? Thank you.

  3. We consulted the doctor, and it's not a good idea. I'm sorry if I write it inaccurately. Distilled water would reach for minerals and quickly soak into the blood and dilute it. that in addition to blood dilution, the negative effect would also be a relatively rapid loss of fluid from the filling area.

  4. What is the solution that is used?

    but the infusion is not the ordinary wash

  6. It does not hurt to feel comfortable enough but the look in the mirror as the scrotum enlarges is worth it now I just got inked 0.6 I think I put it on 1l

  7. I'd love to undergo penis and scrotum filling. I have a big scrotum, which might carry more than one liter. But who's gonna do this to me?

  8. I would be interested in scrotum filling. I have it big enough because I have been pulling with weights for many years. I think he would do 2 liters. I would also like to penis. I was already looking for a nurse with an ad to infuse me. No one logged in. I don't know, I could do it myself?

  9. I wonder how many men are devotees of manipulating and impregnating the scrotum and penis. I really like it.

  10. Hi, scrotum and penis I run every week, it is exciting for me and my partner, it is not painful for me and it is quite nice, I give 1200 ml to the scrotum, and 250 ml to the penis, it's great to look like a penis increasing in volume, I tried to puncture the testicle, but with little pain, it told me nothing. For that impregnated penis it is delight

  11. Today I refilled my penis, at 250 ml I felt that something could fit in it, at 300 ml I felt a slight tightening of the skin so I added, and I ended up at 350 ml. From the diameter of 40 mm I got to 65 mm, after graduation stabilized at 58 mm, when it was inserted into my partner it was incredibly pleasant, I will experiment further because it excites me a lot.

  12. I run out of a pill, can I replace it with a nine percent solution of water and sea salt?

  13. I wouldn't dare agree, I don't know the consequences. But the ratio is not 9% but 0.9%.

  14. So I have a fan again, because I could not stand it, so I cooked a 0.9% solution of water and salt, I felt no difference, more or less I returned to the fan. Today my partner was filling my penis with six punctures with a 5 ml syringe around the perimeter, I think that the shape of the penis is more even and the acorn is surrounded evenly and only the tip sticks out. Perfect action, I'll repeat.

  15. I want to ask why the man injects his scrotum or penis with a crotch. Is it just a sexual desire or act or does it have health benefits? Does it clean the thing?
    Thank you very much

  16. It has no healing or cleaning function. I have described my feelings, more to ask your husband 🙂

  17. Where they can do this to me

  18. BDSM sex companions

  19. I experimented with it as a little boy at the age of ten. Then out of curiosity, later purposefully. It bothers wearing tight pants, otherwise it's very exciting…

  20. I infused my scrotum with home made sea salt boiling water to resolve the salt allowing the water to cool down to 35 degrees
    After proper sanitation I moved on to my circumcised penis.
    This was my first introduction to the joys of genital saline infusion.
    After a few weeks I will have in a proper bottle stand more cannulas sets
    Happy infuse my man boobs penis scrotum again

  21. I have been practicing urinotherapy, drinking my own urine, and injecting urine under the skin of my stomach for several years.

  22. Is it harmless to health?

  23. Added to article.

  24. Hallo Gordon
    Mein Freund will be unbedingt habe es noch nicht getan, is es schwierig, man sticht dich direct course unter die Haut und spritzt die Kochsalzlösung langsam

    Lg Babs

  25. I would also like to make the Hodensack with different infusion solutions. They are also being conducted at other times, but they are not affected. I spray myself at the time of Procain in both swamp bodies. This is very much like that, both Sect man has a drink and the penis is given for a new time. In the Eichel spray I also use 10% or 20 % and glucose solution. A vineyard found, if the oak is damaged by the solution.

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