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Micro Pervert 2019/6

Erotic short story from the church environment. According to actual events (20%).

Dedicated to my best friends Frant Be. from Huston (originally Nusle) and Jirka Lé. from Vinohrady (originally Moravia).

"Prepare the incense," said the Father. Jirka shivered. He didn't like this activity very much. Incense stinked terribly, making him a bastard. But what to pay. He had once been a minister, and this was one of his duties. He cleaned the scorched debris, wiped the censer (incense vessel), and put new luck in it. In a few minutes the Sunday service began. Probably the most annoying part of the service ever Jirka was not a believer. He took the ministrant to please his mother. It was the kind of good-looking boy with a path and corner intellectual glasses like those worn in Hradec Kralove and Pardubice in the 1990s. Under the surface, however, normally smoldered and occasionally bubbled to the surface of a nice feather. For example, he sometimes flooded the petunia's favorite petunia with a pot of urine. They faded here and there. Laughing, he secretly watched the Father pray for their resurrection.

But the service had two better positives. The church had a large archive. In it, many educational scrolls, including alchemical and a chemical laboratory, where one could experiment. And Jirka was a fan of chemistry, so he had a good time there. The second thing was that the cramped spaces of the church and the rigid morality in it was a magnet for girls. They went to the archives, the lab, or helped clean the church and organ. The organ is mentioned separately because behind it was the only place in the nave of the church where it was private.

Franta was a good boy with good parents and a believer dad. Unlike Jirka, he was deeply religious. Well, deeply. As we know, sometimes deep sometimes less deep. He was 16 recently and never touched a girl before. He always sat in the back rows. Not to be sewn, but from modesty, or felt that the closest to God and the altar should be the most deserving of the village, the oldest. Today, Madla sat next to him. She smiled at him and greeted his dad sitting a few benches in front.

The Father greeted his sheep, greeted them with a refreshing and motivating speech, and was about to begin an interpretation on the subject. Other nations around us. He was interrupted by ten-year-old Tonda, who reported. "Yes, Tonik," his father said. "Father, classmates at school say it's enough for me to go to church just before I die?"

Many of you know the parable of a vineyard, aren't you? Father looked at his sheep with a questioning look.

While many of the elders, especially the elders, nodded in support of their father and showed their religious attention, Madla leaned forward, laid her head on the church bench, and began to look at Franta. He didn't know what was going on, but he felt something unusual. He swallowed nervously and glanced from the Bible at the Father and the Handrail. Franta was sitting on the edge of the bench, and the Handles were bent so that Franta's hands could not be seen. She slowly took his hand and led her down her skirt under her thigh. She pressed his palm against her pussy and urged him to massage in a circular motion. Franta flushed like never and immediately buried his eyes in the Bible. He couldn't look at anyone at that moment. Luckily, the Father took a parable of the vineyard and the other to the Father. The handrails led Franta under her wet panties. He did not have the desired experience, but instinctively ran her fingers over her pussy and occasionally slipped one or two inside. After a moment Madla began to breathe quickly into the Bible in front of her on the table, and her crevice tightened around Franta's fingers. Then she pulled his hand away and adjusted her skirt. She didn't even look at him.

Jirka always enjoyed the end of the Sunday Mass. It was a Sunday school. And Lucka sometimes even Tereza came to him in a lab they had only for themselves. Only Lucy came today. She took off her panties and bent over him across the desk. She kept her dress down. He came to her and wanted to roll them up.

"Let me. What are you doing? ”She said. He pulled her hands out and forcibly pulled her clothes up. He knelt to her from behind, spread his pussy and began to lick her. She sighed gently as his yaks swirled past her lips. He added a finger and then two. He did it for about two minutes, but just before she did, he left everything.

"Don't finish it." She gasped pleadingly.

"Just a bird," Jirka said decisively.

"No, I'm afraid I'm pregnant," Lucka said. "I'd rather smoke you."

"All right," Jirka said, letting her cling to his excited limb.

She really tried. Once, she gently cuddled her for a moment, then thrust him deep into his throat. She didn't want him to spray it in her vagina. At a moment Jirka had something to do to withstand it, but he wouldn't miss her pussy. He pulled the bird out of her mouth. Lucka already knew it wouldn't work. She lay on her back and spread her legs. Jirka slowly pushed her cock into her to avoid hurting her. He stretched it a little, then began to force himself. She began to sigh loudly. He had to put a clean rag into her mouth so it wouldn't be heard. For the next ten minutes he did not investigate her. He made himself into a test tube and said:

"Here's the vitamins." Obediently, Lucka drank it and spread her legs again. Jirka spread it, licked and stroked his fingers beneath the pubic bone until her pussy began to writhe in orgasm. They cuddled for a moment and then said goodbye.

"Tell Teresa that he has a dent in me." He reminded Jirka.

Terezka arrived in the archive the next day.

"I'm sorry," she told Jirka.

Jirka closed the book, took off his mini-glasses, and walked over to Teresa. He pulled her clothes up, and his hand slid down her lap. He stroked it for a moment, then turned it over the church's archivist's desk.

"Take off your panties," he commanded, and Tereza did so.

He took the leather loop, glanced at her ass for a moment, and then swung.

& #8222; Aaaaaa & #8220; Tereza cried.

“That's not how it would be, Jirka said, taking off his shirt and putting it in her mouth like a gag.

Another flick was accompanied by a subdued painful sigh.

& #8222; Hmmm… hmmm aaa came from Terka.

Suddenly Jirka hit badly and Terka yelled, "No, no clitor."

That irritated him. He pulled out a wooden carved pin of 3.5cm diameter hidden in a drawer. He put him in a hurry, then carefully pushed him into her ass. Terezak just whimpered again.

After the wooden peg followed immediately penis in her pussy. She wasn't completely wet, so he had a bit of salvation.

Jirka hit the Terka right across the table. They were both talking for a few minutes. He pulled the pin from her ass and spread her ass. "Push" he told her. Terka did so and her anus opened nicely. Jirkův macek entered it.

Terka sighed in pain and excitement. Jirka regularly and longly shuffled back and forth to spread it in front of a good fuck. Occasionally, he took it out and pulled her halves to check that her ass was holding herself open. After about ten minutes he was satisfied. For a moment he studied her stretched anus, then began to force her into it until he filled it with hot semen that subsequently flowed from her open anus. It was a beautiful sight, but he could not enjoy it undisturbed, because he had to catch the sperm in a handkerchief to avoid contact with the pussy.

Terka got her panties on. They talked for a while about what's new and then said goodbye. Jirka remained in the archive.

Franta didn't know what to do. It was his first intimate encounter with a girl. He was a little embarrassed and told no one.

… Continue… circa August 2019

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