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We send goods to almost all countries of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, USA. Shipping prices will be displayed on the checkout page. Just put anything in the cart, go to the checkout and select the country of delivery. 


we accept in the store only cash CZK

Svatoslavova 554/1, 140 00 Prague 4 Nusle (photo below), map below

We do not have fixed opening hours, we recommend calling at least 60 minutes in advance (after 19:15, except for the weekend, you can almost always reach us without a call).

Weekdays: no order 19: 15-20: 30 (possible consultations with the owner, tour of the store and purchase without ordering), the order can be picked up as well 7:00-18:00 (only collection of the order without the presence of the owner)

Saturday, nSunday: usually all day. We are usually present at these times, but we do not guarantee it without calling in advance.

MHD Square Of Brothers Syncs (tram 11,14,18, bus 193), Otakarova (tram 6,7,24), metro Vyšehrad (8-10min.)

IČO: 87933977, responsible person Kim Phuong Vo Thi (Czech staff, can also communicate in English and German)

Bank transfer. One account for all currencies.

Account No. 1125657/2060

IBAN (one IBAN for 25 currencies): CZ6620600000000001125657, BIC / SWIFT: CITFCZPPXXX, account name: Kim Phuong (name) Vo Thi (surname), account holder's country: Czech Republic

Variable Symbol (or reason for fulfillment) = order no

Name of the financial institution that maintains the account: Citfin, spořitelní družstvo, Radlická 751 / 113e, Prague 5, Czech Republic


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