Homemade sex like in a porn movie? Illusion or reality?

krátké levné důtky

In the media, we usually hear the opinions of sexologists and porn actors that porn film is just an illusion and that sex at home does not take place in this way. This is only partially true and over time, less and less. Most people perceive sex as a supplement to their partner's life, where it is necessary to limit ourselves to activities that are basic or that both partners like. But many partners are willing to go beyond their own needs for the good of the partner. Porn movies with simple and unrealistic scenarios are not made for lack of creativity in porn scripts, but because there is a demand for such scenarios. Because they capture the human mind. The Japanese have harassment on the subway, bus, job. Europeans have maids, gang bangs, cuckoos and both Americans also have black cocks, etc .. The same scenarios and tastes are right in the minds of people, not just in the minds of porn actors and porn screenwriters. Our minds and tastes are shaped by porn and not the other way around. With the absence of wars and a sense of security, more and more people will be looking for harsher scenarios at home, and hard porn as we know it will become a reality in households. It's just the courage to talk about such a scenario at home. And, of course, a certain accessibility of the partner. You will probably be harder persuading a person or a girl who has experienced a pervert or a bad person in the past. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it will go slowly and with difficulty, and sometimes not at all. The trend of domestic hard porn, or alternating selfish sex, where one enjoys and the other fulfills the partner's dreams, but it will strengthen and already in 2022 it is much further in households than we think.

Excitement depending on the length of the relationship: Poll

It is said that the intensity of sexual arousal in a continuing relationship decreases over time. In terms of hormonal chemistry unequivocally. On the other hand, even in a long-term relationship, you reach orgasms and many people do better than in a starting relationship. Biologically, the degree of arousal will be relatively similar at any orgasm.

The hardness of sex increases with the length of the relationship. In the beginning, you are careful not to discourage or injure your partner. After a few intercourses, you have some estimate of what your partner will endure and endure. You push the boundaries. You come up with new scenarios for diversification. You engage your imagination, game, gadgets, environment or even other people.

The sexual experience works similarly in both respects above. The more you have, the harder you can be. The question is whether everyone longs for hard sex. Let's say that those who occasionally watch porn, most men and a large number of women, at least sometimes want or have sex. If it were the other way around, contemporary porn looks like a romantic bed scene from 20th century movies.


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