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Helpless - An erotic pornographic novel on the sequel

Erotic novel about paying off a mafia debt through extreme sexual performance & #8211; 1.díl (from 2017). Erotic story contains sexual theme and is intended only for persons over 18 years. The story features real characters and allusions, but in totally fictional circumstances. You can only freely copy and distribute the short story as a whole, provided that all references to it are kept Sexshop Extasica.

Plot. He owes himself to one of the mafiosos. He cannot return the money, accepting that his girlfriend will perform in various humiliating sexual scenarios according to the creditor's wishes.

21.10.2017 Sock and anal

"I can not. I'm a doctor. It will ruin my career. I'll pay you a prostitute, ”she argued resolutely.

"They insist on you, someone closest to me."

"Why?" She retorted, half angry and half frightened.

& #8222; Want me to fuck it off. & #8220;

"We will repay them gradually".

If I don't bring it tomorrow, they'll start with a hammer on my knee. & #8220;

She said nothing. She just looked for a long time. As if delaying the inevitable. I knew it would help me.

After 5 minutes of silence, I was slowly teased. She also gave me a good meal. "All right," she breathed at last. Nor did she impose any conditions. I have never felt smaller in my life.

I turned on the camera while streaming the recording on TV to see what we were doing. The face and all intimate details had to be seen. The next instruction was that he had to feel it, not that it was just for the eye. And finally, the scenario the girlfriend will learn only when it is realized. If our performance is worth acting, we'll get 20,000 or a loader if you like 50,000.

She undressed. I gave her handcuffs on his hands and by the rope he fastened them to the heating. He took fine reprimands and he began to breed her over his ass. She clenched her breasts into the windowsill as her ass blushed blisteringly.

"Aaaach," she yelled painfully for the first time, but only after I pushed hard. I could feel my dick rising.

"Now I'm going to spread your ass a little bit," I started rubbing it into your anal LIPSALVE and took off my underwear to relieve my raised penis. I took it and thrust it on small dildo suction cup on window in front of her face.

"Not on the window, people on the street will see me," she refused to smoke.

I thought I was going to be able to stretch her ass, but I had to get her a little stiff. I brought a stronger red-white Persian leather dents. As she saw it she began to shout, "No, please, no."

It took me a while to flick it. But I had to. She screamed tormentingly and twitched. I hit her again. She screamed loudly again until I wondered what the neighbors were doing.

"So will you start the smoker, or should I give you a gag?"

She took him in her mouth so wildly that it surprised me. I could see him swallowing him as deep as he could, choking on him.

"That's right," I said with satisfaction doing my fingers and spreading her ass, for in my feather, I was already jerking at her eager smoking and her painted ass.

Small dildo she fell into her ass like nothing, just sighed a little. With one hand he threw a small dildo in her ass and occasionally whipped it and the other chased his cock. I wounds reprimands this time milder tolerated well. Occasionally, she gritted her teeth and occasionally cried out in pain.

She had slightly reddish lips, butt and thighs, and her ass slightly open. I threw it away reprimands and thrust his 19cm long cock into her ass and to the brim. She just twisted a little. It wasn't her first anal, so she managed it without problems. After 5 minutes of proper stretching, she began to whine a little. He looked at her loose ass with a round hole about 2 cm in diameter. I pulled my bird out a couple of times to thrust it to the root. I was getting pretty tight. I took the little ones dildo and slipped it in her ass.

"Now you want 2". I told her and started pushing from behind the little dildo. She felt her cock pressed against her ass next to the dildo. The Prelka stretched herself slightly painfully, but pleasantly, as her acorn penetrated her. She took a deep breath. Pressure and pain continued. He pushed slowly on until he pushed it all in. She began to breathe quickly and whimper.

"Hold on!" I commanded her and slapped her ass, while my cock thumped in her ass next to a small dildo. She began to moan. After a while we quickly pulled out my cock and a small dilko and pointed the camera on my ass to catch the stretch. Her knees buckled slightly. Her sphincter sniffed after pulling out the dildo and penis - she pulled back quickly and then relaxed, so that her ass had a beautiful 3 cm wide hole.

"You've got her pretty stretched out," I praised her in horror.

"Please quit it," she said only a little. I grabbed her hips and began to push hard and fast. Her sonic expression alternated sighs and groans with a hint of breath. I felt sorry for her. I stroked her hair to let her know I loved her. But it also excited me. I drove her butt with great taste. Sometimes he stroked her pussy and clit. Her ass relaxed nicely and adapted to both fully-stoked cocks. Her knees buckled. I stepped up the strokes and punched her ass up to the root. He took out a small dildo and began to put only the erect penis itself into her ass, though it wasn't very comfortable after the climax itself. He knew it was good for the visual effect.

"Please don't," she said.

He took out his cock. He kissed her back and untied her.

3.11.2017 Big dildo and deepthroat

"We have another instruction," I told her after a few days.

"What?" She asked neutrally.

"Take off your clothes", he asked her without answering and turned on the camera.

She began to undress, worried about what was going to happen. She lay on her back and I began to lick her crap. After 5 minutes she was excited and started to sigh.

He stopped and said, "Tilt your head over the edge of the bed." She shifted so that she could lean her head over the edge of the bed. He walked around her and slapped the penis into her mouth. Deeper and deeper until it cracked. I slowly pushed her acorn against her neck. At the same time, he was fingering her pussy so that she could get something out of it and stay with her.

She choked. He turned his head on his side, and she gnawed a gag reflex.

"Not that. That's too deep, ”she shook her head, gasping.

"Please," he said understandingly, and after a while added, "Spit on him and put him on," then take a deep breath and push him there slowly.

She took him in her mouth and began to sack him properly with spit and licking until the saliva dripped. Then she turned back and lowered her head over the edge of the bed.

Her pupils spread as her acorn began to penetrate her throat, but she held. For me it was very pleasant even the feeling of light terror in her face. The complete insertion was still 4 centimeters long, when she could no longer. The neck just physically no longer gave it. We trained for a while, while I was stretching her fingers and palm as far as I could and massaging her pussy.

The thrusting of her throat and her pussy made her feel faint. She stopped twitching and was increasingly yielding. Her pussy began to contract orgasically, and he slid a little more into the throat until something was missing. He drew his hand and cock. She was trembling.

"That's not all," I said guilty, and went to the next room. When he returned in his hand held gel And really proper dildo. She just let out a sad breath. I gelled him and spread her legs still tightened after orgasm. The dildo entered her vagina without major problems. She quite liked it. However, only 60 or 70% could be inserted. Her body was simply not built for that length. She sighed deeply and painfully as I stretched her.

"I can't," she spilled after five minutes. Red face and forehead twisted with fatigue.

"Eeech," he sighed. "Perhaps it will do," though he wasn't so sure. He lay down on her and honestly fucked her pussy. He sprayed her belly and turned off the camera.

Boss stood in front of me with a baseball bat. & #8222; How did you not bump the whole cocksucker there & #8220 ;, he asked angrily. Nothing nice of it. I waited for the wound right away or when it was finished. Instead, he just nodded the gorilla behind me. We got two in the face and a couple in the stomach. Boss returned to the table with the bat and took the felt-tip pen in his other hand. Make a baseball line and give it to me with the words & #8222; A gift for your girlfriend & #8220; . & #8230; & #8220; he added after a moment with a grin.

Before that, but you'll have another scenario and handed me the ticket. "Take it to threesome" followed by a phone number. "Plus a new rule: All the tools you have at home will always be available to guests".

She disinfected my swollen nose and torn eyebrows. She said nothing to the baseball bat. In the nearby sexshopu I bought 2 more long dildos to warm up. They called one of them Chinese myth.

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