Anal sex, enema, extreme practices - experiences

Experiences and tips for anal sex, enemas and extreme anal practices. Information on the anatomy of the anus and the risks of anal sex.

Anatomy and limits of anal - length, width

After a short stretch, an untrained person can handle a human penis or a 4 cm thick toy to a depth of 15 cm. It passes through the anus (anus - the designation of the opening), the anal canal 2.5-3.5 cm with the external and internal sphincter and the rectum (rectum) 10-12 cm. This is followed by the sigmoid colon (ace-shaped loop) – a sharp movement to the left from a person's point of view (a sharp movement to the right when looking at the picture). It creates resistance for the introduced toy and we feel as if there is another sphincter.

However, the sphincters are only around the anal canal and beyond that there is only thin smooth muscle around the intestines, which spontaneously moves unprocessed substances through the body in the intestine. Therefore, in the vast majority of porn films, we see dildos over 4.5 cm thick inserted only to a depth of approx. 15 cm.

Tlusté střevo, konečník

An untrained woman with a height of 160 cm can push through a toy approx. 3.5 cm in diameter with the first bend of the sigmoid colon, a man approx. 4 cm, a trained woman approx. 4.5-5 cm and a trained man approx. 5 cm-6 cm (more is rather extreme). Trained actresses can temporarily pull the sigmoid colon (and part of the descending colon) up and into the middle of the abdomen. The next border is approximately at a depth of 30–35 cm, when the sigmoid colon turns upwards into the descending tract (descending colon). Through this second bend of the sigmoid colon, you can push the device about half the thickness of the previous bend. Stimulation of this second bend produces very intense sensations. A very thin dildo of up to 2.5-3 cm can be inserted to a depth of up to 70 cm. The large intestine is approximately 1.5 meters long.

After weeks or months of training, the anal opening can be widened with a device with a diameter of 6 cm. After years of persistent training, some exceptional people can hold a device with a diameter of 12-13 cm.

Reasons for anal sex?

Variety, male dominance, female submissiveness, narrower opening. The stimulation of the smooth muscle inside the body will cause intense sensations in both sexes, regardless of submissiveness or dominance. Flexible, handling multiple partners or toys, rest for the vagina.

Coital and oral sex is considered the normal standard. Anal sex is practiced by about 60% heterosexual couples of developed countries. Mostly at the instigation of a man. Approximately only 20-25% women initiate it. A similar percentage of men (even heterosexuals) welcome anal sex in a passive role. But passive anal sex can be pleasurable for any woman or man. Both women and men achieve anal orgasms, but mostly with simultaneous stimulation of other intimate places.

Anal sex can be prevented by psychological resistance - morals, hygiene, fear of pain or fear of supposed negative effects. Sometimes it can also be partners' time, because anal sex takes more time. Insertion into the anus also requires a relatively higher hardness of the penis than insertion into the vagina.

From a woman's point of view, anal sex can be above standard, for which something extra can be requested. Anal sex is not a natural sexual practice. There's no point in trying to convince your partner about it, because it's just a plain fact. Clearly biologically and mostly socially. Approach the fact that your partner does something extra for you, and it will go easier. More article How to get a wife or girlfriend for anal sex.

The beginnings of anal sex

First, ideally, try on yourself with an artificial penis. If you are trying as a couple, choose at least the top position as a passive partner, where you can regulate the depth of penetration yourself. By gradually stretching, while respecting the body's limit (pain), you will avoid involuntary contractions and release the sphincter faster and without painful consequences or injury. For this reason, we do not recommend and do not sell anesthetic preparations.

Sometimes a deeper shift simply needs time, usually in the order of days or a few weeks. And regular training. In the absence of training, the body returns to the basic stretching limits. In any case, there is no need to fear that you will have problems with the leakage of excreted substances. This is pure myth. And this is not the case with extreme stretching of the anus.

Considering that even preschoolers routinely excrete 4.5cm thick poo, a normal adult should be able to handle the average human penis within a few days.

Choosing the right gel

Most water-based gels, even those unscented, with the label "anal" or "natural" etc. have a disinfectant additive against fungi so that the gel lasts for the entire guaranteed shelf life. This ingredient burns in the vagina, but especially in the more sensitive tissue of the anus. The anus clenches and tries to push the lubricant out. Some people are resistant to it, but don't count on it. Always test the gel first on yourself before giving it to your partner and then on your partner as well. Be prepared for the situation that the gel you selected does not fit her or him.

In our sex shop, water-based lubricants without burning additives are lubricants Lona strawberry, Lona raspberry, a J-lube. These can be used for all types of sex and all types of toys. Unperfumed silicone-based gels usually do not burn, but they can damage the condom. Vaseline or vaseline-based gels are best for anal sex without a condom, ideally LIPSALVE. Due to its higher stiffness compared to ordinary gels, deer tallow is better introduced deep into the anus, during sex it protects the tissue with a thicker layer and after sex, unlike ordinary gels and other vaseline-based gels, it contributes to tissue healing. We do not recommend oil-based lubricants - they are too thin and cut the mucosa. If you feel the need to go to the bathroom before or during sex, do it. With medium (over 10 cm) or deep insertion (over 20 cm), the large intestine is usually partially filled with stool ready for elimination. This is not necessarily an indication of the need to go to the toilet. However, these residues in the anus tear the mucosa when irritated. If it appears on the penis in more than a droplet quantity, clean it and, depending on your subjective well-being, go to the toilet or perform an enema.

TIP: A normal cheap larger gel 130ml for 4 Euro will be enough for 30 regular sexual intercourse, but only for 2 extreme workouts. Lubricant powder J – Lube 300 grams is not only extra cheap, but this small box will last you a few months (with water up to 25 liters of lubricant).

Side effects, negatives and positives of anal sex

Anal sex is more demanding on hygiene. Released food residues in the intestine mean a higher risk of inflammation of the vagina or bladder of both partners. The mucous membrane of the anus and rectum and large intestine is more susceptible to injury (even as a result of sometimes relatively sharp food residues, e.g. nuts) and thus also to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Scientific studies disprove the widely held assumption of a higher risk of incontinence as a result of anal sex. The anus can be enlarged by gradual painless stretching (prolapse can even be trained after very intensive training for several hours a day), but the sphincter will continue to perform its function reliably.

Hemorrhoids and fissures - anal sex as a health prevention

In connection with anal sex, lay people often talk about the risk of hemorrhoids. In principle, people have much more frequent problems with cracks (fissures), which mechanically injure the muscle tissue of the anal sphincter, for example with larger poop or sharp food residues. In fact, if anal sex is done well, that is. gradually and painlessly, on the contrary, it reduces the risk of hemorrhoids or cracks. Anal sex or dilation with devices can also speed up the healing of cracks. It can teach you to relax the sphincter while excreting, and the injured tissue to crack will rub less and heal faster with such a more gentle excrement. We know a lot of people with hemorrhoids (a common health problem in older age), but no one with hemorrhoids who would regularly have (passive) anal sex, e.g. once a week or a month. It makes sense - even in the first stage, hemorrhoids are treated with lubrication and massage. One of our customers was advised by a doctor to exercise the anus with devices to prevent fissures. Feedback from that customer: if I don't practice with anal toys for a few weeks, it gets worse. Minor injuries usually heal in a day or two. But if, despite the greater pain, you introduce the device too large, and you are not gradually trained for it, you will tear the mucous membrane. The injured area will then be sore during discharge for about a week and will heal completely within a few weeks. Hemorrhoid massage with deer tallow or greasy cream promotes healing. It will take longer for the elderly and people with impaired healing (eg diabetics).

Bleeding during anal sex

After anal play, the mucous membrane may bleed slightly (discoloration of toilet paper, in a stronger degree also colored stool in a certain place), and pain or a false urge to go to the toilet is not an exception in the beginning and should stop within 1-3 days. However, it still indicates incorrect execution of anal sex, i.e. beyond your current physical limits or too quickly without sufficient relaxation. Heavier bleeding should not occur during considerate anal sex. When training with larger or longer objects, you can overdo it in excitement despite the pain warning. Heavy bleeding is when blood drips or "flows" briefly when you push and it doesn't hurt. In this condition it may not be necessary to see a doctor yet and it should stop on the 3rd day. That doesn't mean you have to get here. But if you are stupid, it will happen and there are no other signals that something is wrong (temperature, nausea, more pain even outside of excretion), the body should be able to handle it. If something is wrong such as severe pain, temperature, nausea or other extreme symptoms, go to the doctor.

Possible discomfort after anal sex

They appear during the first experiments with the penis or then during intensive training with toys 5 cm thick and more. They show the urge to go to the toilet, when you don't really need to. They are most often caused by mild strain on the muscles of the outer and more often inner sphincter around the anus canal (approx. 2.5-3.5 cm from the anus) and smooth muscles around the anus (another approx. 10-12 cm inside the body), or smooth muscles around the colon (last part). large intestine). Popularly speaking, you have slightly strained these muscles as if you were pushing out particularly voluminous excrement, and you have temporarily slightly disturbed the traction of the intestinal muscle. The muscles can also be slightly contracted and therefore push. In principle, smooth muscle cannot be controlled by will and relief, and a warm shower or spontaneous contractions of this smooth muscle during orgasm (without insertion into the anus) will give you relaxation. It is also possible to easily train, tighten and relax the gluteal muscles and the sphincter, but there is no point in pushing, so you would only further traumatize the muscles. This will usually return to normal within 1 or 2 days. With more intense training with aids over 25 cm, you can also cause a slight constipation. It should be back to normal within 14 days at the latest. In addition to the methods above, the return to the normal state can also be supported by light enemas.

The bruising on the anus is exceptional in ordinary people. It can be caused by bruising, eg if you sit on a dildo for a long time. Basically, it doesn't hurt, you just have a colored anal.

Butt plugs

Inflatable toys they will allow even beginners to painlessly taste the feeling of great fulfillment. But the rubber from which they are made relatively pulls on the skin. Cheaper inflatable toys have a thin rubber more easily undisturbed by hard stool remnants (nuts, etc.) and a plastic valve that releases air. An alternative is a pin with gradually expanding steps (2-4 cm in diameter, for more advanced 3 to 6 cm), which better releases the sphincter. Advanced have at their disposal massive wedges for stretching (7-15 cm) or massive dildos with a length of up to 55 cm. See more The ideal hardness of the toy 7.5HC (hardness of relaxed muscle) and its advantages.

Combination of vaginal and anal sex

Combining vaginal and anal sex without proper washing, as they do in porn films, is effective not only in porn films, but also in reality. It is a powerful booster for both men and women. This technique always increases the risk of vaginitis. Absence of washing in a short time after sex almost certainly means inflammation, therefore do not combine anal and vaginal sex where it is not possible to wash well afterwards - in nature, on trips, etc.


In some sex shops, you can read false information about the healing and cleansing effects of cleaning the large intestine and, after training, possibly also the small intestine. A healthy body is adapted to properly get rid of excreted food residues. Enema with drinking water in a reasonable amount and frequency does not harm the body. An enema is not necessary for normal anal play with a penis up to 15 cm in size (sometimes even up to 20 cm depends on the current "fullness" of the body), or a light enema is sufficient and immediately excluded.

Drinking water can be used. Other liquid consumers, e.g. milk, tend to be less suitable from a hygienic point of view, but the body can handle them. It can be filled special irrigators - filling squeezing balloon, syringe, hanging bag, most comfortably with showers, but even a plastic kitchen funnel with a well-rounded edge. Lubricate the enema device.

TIP: If it's not hot, keep a sweater or a large dry towel or a hot air heater handy. It is necessary to be warm. You do not move, you are only partially clothed and the toilet is usually not one of the warmest rooms. The amount filled is individual according to the person and his current condition.

Deep enema

In hospitals, they make a rather strong enema, what the body can handle, e.g. 0.5 to 0.75 l. At home, it only makes sense if you want to attack your boundaries with the dimensions of the devices being introduced, or independently as SM/SubDom practice or as a supplement to sexual games, when the intestines filled with warm water will relax and intensify sensations during genital stimulation. Can be enhanced with an anal plug. The most effective – the shortest and least demanding deep enema technique is lubrication and deep insertion of a hose-like anal douche and simultaneous impregnation and excretion (approx. 10 to 15 minutes). Other techniques take up to an hour and are unnecessarily more irritating.

When excreting water from a deeper enema, the body tends to continue in stasis, but the water from the intestines has not yet "reached" the rectum, ie. that you have contractions that do not result in immediate excretion of water or excrement. These contractions need to be slightly suppressed "against the body's will" (soothe the sphincter and intestines) and leave the hole free until the moment of real need. Over time, you will learn a technique that suits you (eg combined partial and strong pushing when handling involuntary contractions) and you will manage it faster without any unpleasant feelings. At the end of the excretion, it is advisable to push while standing and cover the rectum with toilet paper. This will usually eliminate the last leftovers that would otherwise be released during sex games.

The untrained can hold from 0.75 to 1.5, a trained average tall man could handle 2 to 2.5 liters, when the limit will indicate pain in your gut (as if you want to vomit). You will find out for yourself what you can bear. After an enema, the rectum is more sensitive to abrasion, give it enough suitable greasy cream or lubricant.

As a rule, a deep enema will slightly reduce the desire for extreme training and the pleasantness of introducing aids. Therefore, use it only if the established aid pushes you due to insufficient emptying. You will know it emotionally.

Extreme anal practices

tools: TIME 1h or 2h every day, warm room, enema shower hose, LIPSALVE (very thick cream), possibly also an unscented water-based or silicone-based lubricant (not an oil-based lubricant - too thin - cuts the mucous membrane), soft anal plugs or dildos, a towel underneath

After the enema, we insert a little unperfumed deer tallow into the anus. It makes the walls of the anus and intestines slippery even if the standard lubricant gel dries up. Lubricant LIPSALVE it remains in the body even after training and helps tissue healing. For the same reason, deer tallow can also be applied to toys. At the beginning, we recommend introducing a thin long (e.g. double) dildo to relax the anus and the muscles around the anus and intestine. This also lubricates the mucous membrane with deer tallow. Only when switching to a stronger dildo can we add a classic gel to the deer tallow, if more slip is required. Thin long pins for depth expansion and thick shorter ones for width expansion can be alternated. The mucous membrane and the muscles around it will have time to relax.

From the opening image, you can see that the intestine curves to the left behind the anus from a person's own perspective. In principle, however, you never know at what angle the end of the inserted dildo is relative to the current section of tissue. You simply push the dildo in the direction where it doesn't hurt or hurts the least.

If you go through the pain, you will achieve better results in the short term, but the subsequent healing will cost you more than if you train without pain or with minimal pain. Pins thicker than 5 cm must be very soft, otherwise it is a waste of time and a higher risk of tissue damage.

TIP: Read more about The ideal hardness of the toy 7.5HC (hardness of relaxed muscle) and its advantages.

Even with an enema, it will take you about 45 minutes before you stretch out properly. It gets better while you are moving or masturbating and you end up very hot, similar to longer sex or fast walking. You will be left with a slight mess and you want to clean it first and then go to the shower in peace. Cleaning will wait. First, take a shower and get dressed to stay warm and comfortable. You also don't clean up after the run.

Pulling the rectum into the prolapse by a vacuum pump

It provides an interesting view - a temporary anal prolapse even for the less trained. It is necessary to dose and know safely how to leave the pump out of the air (reduce the vacuum). Try on yourself first. The line between pleasant and painful is relatively close. Even a low-power pump is enough.

What do not try

If you push the anal toy all the way into the intestine by bending the sigmoid colon (eg with another dildo), it may get stuck there. It pushes hard, but you can't go to the toilet like in a traffic jam. Our tester's body dealt with it after about 90 minutes. It was the first time he had been really afraid, despite his many drastic experiences. It was necessary to let it run its course and time, and it went by itself. If you still want to try, push the anal toy with the wider end first so that the narrower end in the sigmoid colon can come out more easily.

Risk of dyeing toys with excrement

Applies to light PVC toys. TPE and silicone toys basically don't suffer. A condom is unnecessarily expensive to protect toys. The condom also tears more in the aggressive and cramped space of the rectum. Especially on a device that is usually stiffer than a human penis and almost always on a large device. We recommend an enema and one piercing toy, which partly picks up and pulls out and partly pushes the excrement back into the intestines. These first excrements color the most. Toys are extra prone after consuming large amounts of alcohol, especially red wine.

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  1. I love enema. Since I have been practicing it long enough, I can handle 4 liters of slow soak with my feet hung on the bar. The feeling of fulfillment is wonderful, sometimes I repeat the impregnation three times. Since I inject enema at least three times a week, I practically do not have an ordinary stool. The enema is simply wonderful. Dominik

  2. Hello, I need advice on how to overcome the first loop. I am afraid to go through the pain and does not want to get there with enough lubricant. Dildo is elastic 5 x 70 cm.
    With a short dildo I'm 9 cm in diameter, but I'd like to go deeper: o) with the narrower one. Thanks for advice.

  3. 5cm is too much, if you're starting out, try max 4cm. If you gradually push the dildo inwards and the intestines occasionally outward (as you would exclude), it should go.

  4. I am a 27-year-old woman and petite at 5'1 ”and 102 lbs. My boyfriend is 47 and has a penis that is 11 inches long when erect with a diameter of 1.8 inches. We regularly have anal sex about six or seven times each week. The only lube we use is his saliva on my anus. I do not enjoy pain, but I am submissive by nature, so I always submit to anal sex with him whenever he requests it, knowing that it will stretch my sphincter muscles painfully wide and cause me to cry. However, I always willingly endure this severe but temporary agony for up to four hours during a session in order to accommodate his penis through the full length of my rectum and into a part of my sigmoid colon. If he goes the full four hours, he will deliver up to 14,400 anal thrusts that are “balls deep.” During a session, he is able to ejaculate up to 12 times and to remain hard throughout. If I object, resist, and / or disappoint him in any way, I shall be punished immediately after the anal sex session in order to improve my future discipline. For punishment, I shall lie nude and face down on a bed with my wrists and ankles tightly secured to four bedposts. Then, with a leather belt, he shall whip my buttocks and / or the backs of my thighs, with an occasional errant strike touching my calf muscles and / or my back. A total of 86 lashes shall be delivered, and after each I shall count out loud.

  5. how to start the sale of sales so that the rose is on the outside of the pupa?


  6. Prolapse occurs only after a long time and sufficient release of the rectum with large toys, probably the fastest to achieve this with inflatable toys and toys from liquid silicone.

  7. It's absolutely true about hemorrhoids being better after chronic (several years) of regular anal stimulation with a dildo. Mine were operated on twice (actually a birth defect) and they still came back because I am on Morphine for severe arthritis and that drug just jams the whole system up like a Los Angeles freeway. My danger came from using a too-hard dildo. I was great, the vibe feature got me off but, about a week after a particularly vigorous session, I had a large plaque of tissue fall (yes, fall, no cramps or straining, it just expelled) out of my rectum. It was about 8 cm X 3 cm and cordoury textured like the tripe sold in the meat market. There was no blood or any fluids at all, and happily, no pain. Nevertheless, I freaked just a bit and showed it to my wife, who is a nurse and fully knowledgeable of my proclivities. She suggested that this was, what amounted to as a “shedded surface of a butt callous”. Essentially, I had caused enough friction to the lining of the rectum to damage the mucosa to the point that it died and, in time, came off just as any callous or blister would do. However, she did warn me that this was my body's way of issuing an ultimatum about too hard toys. I could just as easily have worn the surface so deeply that I would have ruptured the rectum when it was full of fecal matter. This would have led to a severe and possibly deadly infection, and more surgery. Of course, the hospital staff would have made some embarrassing assumptions about my "injury", which would have been far more painful than anything else I had suffered. The hard toy went into the trash. I gave my butt a two-week vacation, where, the hemorrhoids began to come back. Now, we have adopted a periodic, gentler "couple's therapy" that does the same function, but is quite a bit more fun than going it alone. And with no more calluses.

  8. My schedule prooves tuff sometimes, my question is do I need to cleanse for 12 to 13 inch dildos? I enjoy spontaneous visits to my master suite for 20-30 minutes backed onto a thick 2.5-3inch dildo. Over share but want to here the risks if any.

  9. For such a big dildo an anema is definitely recommended. When ommitted, the faeces remaints will scratsch ur tissue. U will suffer more from pain as ur faeces will be pushed into ur body and u can bring constipation on u.

  10. Does silicone dildos mind the unscented deer tallow? Doesn't the surface damage the dildo in any way? Thank you

  11. No, liquid premium silicone doesn't mind any gels. Medical silicone (old hard silicone) is bothered by silicone gels.

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